the book


Historical Note (by Abraham J. Peck)
Foreword (by Sybil Milton)


Part One (June 1933—Summer 1941)
Life Between City and Mountain Farm
Discovering Death and Life
Books Broaden My View
The Threat of War
Heim in’s Riech
In Danger of Dying
Beautiful Bergenbach

Part Two (Fall 1941—Fall 1944)
The Gestapo Attacks
I’m So Little and the Lion Is So Strong
Into the Lion’s Den
Help Came Ever So Often

Part Three (Fall 1944—Spring 1945 and Beyond)
How I Became an Orphan
An Unexpected Change
A Shadow Comes
Vengeance or Forgiveness
Precious Help


A. Alsace
B. Impact of Nazi Persecution on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mulhouse
C. Documentation of the Incarceration of Simone Arnold
D. Nazi Youth Indoctrination Methods
E. Family Correspondence
F. Declaration Offered to Jehovah’s Witness Prisoners and Camp Inmates

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